Falling for Falanghina

Discover three whites made from the classic Campania variety

Falanghina is one of the most important white varieties in Campania, the region which produces southern Italy’s most distinguished whites. It is believed to have arrived in Italy with the ancient Greeks, and its name may originate from the Greek word phalanga, meaning stake or pole, around which the grape’s vines would wind.

The straw-colored wines made from Falanghina are typically fresh and aromatic, and are ideally suited Campania’s warm, laid-back summers. Vino is excited to introduce three Falanghina wines from three different Campania appellations.

Falanghina 2007 Terredora
Located in the town of Montefusco near Avellino, Terredora has been producing some of Campania’s top wines for thirty years, and is today perhaps the region’s most renowned producer. Previous vintages of this Irpinia IGT Falanghina have won medals at the Decanter Awards and International Wine Challenge.

Ravello Bianco 2007 Marisa Cuomo
The Italian-Bosnian Marisa Cuomo is the wife of Andrea Ferraioli, who having inherited the Gran Furor Divina Costiera (or “divine coast”) winery created the company for her as a wedding gift. Produced in Ravello, just a short drive west from Salerno along the Amalfi coast, this Costa d’Amalfi DOC, a blend of 60% Falanghina and 40% Biancolella, is light and refreshing, and best enjoyed on a sun-kissed Mediterranean terrace (or failing that, a Brooklyn fire escape).

Falanghina del Beneventano 2007 Terra Solaris
The historic town of Taurasi is most famous for its red wine of the same name, but it is here that Terra Solaris produces its white Falanghina, in the hills of the Beneventano IGT. Pale in color with hints of green, this Falanghina offers a superior versatility, and an exotic, fruity elegance.

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