Get ready to sparkle

Try this trio of bubbly bottles at Vino this Friday!

Prosecco Brut 2007 Col de Salici
The Veneto town of Valdobbiadene, near Treviso, is home to Prosecco, one of Italy’s most popular grape varieties. The producers of Col de’ Salici have only been producing their Prosecco di Valdobbiadene for six years, yet what the company lacks in age-old experience it makes up for in an astute knowledge of the wine market and a commitment to continuous improvement. The firm believes that the Spumante Prosecco is the finest expression of the DOC variety, and having tasted this wine it’s hard to disagree.

Cuvée Tradizione 2004 Orsolani
Groundbreaking Piedmontese winemaker Francesco Orsolani produced the region’s first metodo classico in 1967. His son, Gianluigi, today continues the family’s innovative tradition. Caluso Spumante Cuvée Tradizione 2004 is made from 100% Erbaluce grapes using the méthode champenoise or Champagne method, whereby the wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle to create its fine pinpoint bubbles, yeasty aromas and white stone-fruit flavors. Grown solely around the small town of Caluso, the ancient Erbaluce grape gets its colorful name (literally “grassy light”) from the remarkable green-to-amber hue it obtains as it ripens in the gentle autumnal sunlight in the Alpine foothills of northern Piedmont.

Corrigia Brut Metodo Classico 2003 Lini
“I have discovered the best Lambrusco in the world,” writes Daniele Cernilli, editor-in-chief of the Gambero Rosso Guide to the Wines of Italy, “and it is called Corrigia Brut. Lini’s Corrigia Brut is made using the metodo classico: after the initial fermentation, the wine is fermented again in bottle to create its inimitable bubbles. Made from 100% Salamino grapes, this wine is rich and flavorful in the mouth.

FREE Summer Sparklers Tasting
Friday, July 11, 5:30pm

121 East 27th Street
New York, NY 10016

For more information call (212) 725-6516 or visit our website,


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