New Amsterdam Market

Last Sunday, June 29, over 7,000 visitors (including Centovini and I Trulli chef Patti Jackson) engulfed on New Amsterdam Market, which took place in New Market Square at the Seaport in Lower Manhattan. The event featured over 60 vendors from all of New York’s five boroughs, as well as upstate New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Spain, Italy, Japan, and Britain, including traveling delegations from London’s Borough Market and upscale food retailer Marks & Spencer.

Over 1,200 visitors signed a petition to request request that the next New Amsterdam Market this fall be held within the historic New Market Building. This comes after an alternative plan to build a 42-storey residential tower on the site was scrapped. The Seaport neighborhood has been a public market district since 1642, when New York was still New Amsterdam.

“The ongoing popularity of New Amsterdam Market proves that New Yorkers support regional food,” says Robert LaValva, Director of the New Amsterdam Public Market Association — the non-profit organization hoping to transform the Seaport into a cultural and retail destination. “We can create a unique and compelling market district that will become a home for the regional and sustainable food movement and bring New Yorkers back to the Seaport.”

The market even received acknowledgment from a certain Hillary Rodham Clinton, who in a letter described the market as at “the forefront of the emerging and progressive movement to create alternatives to the industrial food system.” The Senator also praised the work of the Public Market Association, and expressed her “hope that these selfless endeavours will serve as an inspiration to others to reach out in their community.”

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