Oddero Barolo is back

Oddero’s Barolo is made from Nebbiolo sourced from two vineyards, Santa Maria Bricco Chiesa in La Morra and Bricco Fiasco in Castiglione Falleto. The grapes are vinified seperately, undergoing 20-days maceration in stainless steel, and are aged for 30 months in casks of various size and age. The resulting wines are blended in the spring and bottled in late-summer, after which they are aged in the bottle for a further 6 months before release. This wine, from the excellent 2004 vintage, is typical of Oddero’s best Barolo; traditionally-styled with more roses than tar and, as is the case with many wines from La Morra, plenty of ripe, supple tannin.

The picturesque vineyards of Oddero overlooking the hills of the Langhe.

On the hills surrounding the picturesque town of La Morra lies a sea of nebbiolo vines, from which are produced some of Piemonte’s finest wines. On some of the sunniest sites in these Langhe hills are vineyards that have belonged to the Oddero family for centuries. Their wine, originally sold in casks and demijohns, was first bottled in 1878, a time when very few producers could bear the expense of selling in quantities less than bulk. Now, 150 years later, the company is run by Mariacristina and Mariavittoria, the daughters of Giacomo Oddero, a man whose innovation and enterprise helped make the family name synonymous with Barolo, ensuring its place in the Italian cultural conscience.

Sisters Mariacristina and Mariavittoria are just the latest generation in a long line of Oddero producers.

Indeed, in December 1986 legendary Italian sports journalist Gianni Brera, in his column “L’Accademia di Brera“, which once appeared in Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper, made reference to Oddero’s Barolo in answering a reader’s question about Hemingway. “Ernest drank Valpolicella because he was around Venice,” he wrote. “In those days the Oddero brothers of La Morra couldn’t get their wines to him. But if he’d known Oddero Barolo he wouldn’t have turned to the hard liquor which ultimately killed him.”

Now Oddero Barolo is back on the U.S. market, and we are thrilled to announce its arrival at Vino. To celebrate , we are offering the excellent 2004 vintage at an equally remarkable price.

Barolo 2004 Oddero
$40.50 (10%-off regular price)

Click here to purchase online!

Standard case discount does not apply with this offer.
No same-day delivery.

121 East 27th Street
New York, NY 10016

For more information call (212) 725-6516 or visit our website, vinositeshop.com.


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