Chianti Class at Vinoteca

For those of you who missed out on Wednesday’s Formaggi class, there’s another entertaining and informative tasting at Vinoteca next week! On May 28, Vinoteca presents Chianti, and evening devoted solely to Italy’s most famous wine-making region, its wines and history.

Though Chianti first appeared as a white in 1398, since 1872 (when Baron Ricasoli wrote the recipe for its modern incarnation) Tuscany’s great Sangiovese-based staple has enjoyed fantastic acclaim, suffered withering blows, and re-emerged a mystery; at once held aloft as an example of Tuscan excellence and degraded as more cheap swill destined for a tumbler on a red-checkered cloth.

Let Italian wine expert Robert Scibelli guide you through a diverting history and a fascinating sampling of some of Vino’s finest Chiantis.

with Robert Scibelli, DWS
Wednesday, May 29th, 6:30pm

121 East 27th Street
New York, NY 10016

For more information call (212) 725-6516 or visit our website,


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