Alicia Lini in Men’s Vogue

Alicia Lini is featured in the latest issue of Men’s Vogue! In the June/July edition of the men’s style bible, noted author and wine enthusiast Lawrence Osborne profiles the Lini brand and in particular Alicia — the international face of Lini and its fourth-generation Lambrusco producer. He fondly recalls a dinner held in Lini’s honor at Centovini back in March and gushes over Alicia’s movie star appeal, indeed likening the young producer to Sophia Loren. Osborne also assesses the phenomenal success of Lini’s Lambruscos and their vital role in resurrecting the socially tarnished variety, helping erase memories of the “ghastly party plonk” consumed by millions of Americans in the late ’70s. For Lini the negative image was hard to shake off: “It took us ten years to make people realize we didn’t make that awful stuff,” says Alicia. Now Osborne feels the transition is finally complete. “In the past couple of years, [Lambrusco’s] image has undergone a surprising revolution,” he notes. “The sugary spritzer of our summery youth has become a dry, elegant dinner wine of our middle age.”

To read the article in full, click here.

The June/July issue of Men’s Vogue is available at newsstands now!


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