Moscato d’Asti on sale at Vino

Save 20% at Vino on this Moscato d’Asti 2006 Cascina Castlèt, a sparkling D.O.C.G. from Piemonte!

One of the oldest varieties known to and vinified by humankind, the ancient world coveted Moscato and generously praised its virtues as a superior wine grape. Its name comes from the fruit’s “musky” smell when picked from the vine. Today, Moscato is still grown all over Italy and for more than 100 years, winemakers in Asti have used it to make a slightly sparkling sweet wine known for its ability to pair with fresh fruit.

The Cascina Castlèt vineyard has been in the Borio family for generations. Its current owner, Mariuccia Borio, worked in her family’s wine store in Turin before inheriting the estate in 1970. Noted for its elegant and whimsical label designs, Mariuccia describes the company’s style as “completely feminine.” Perhaps unsurprisingly, since she also acts as Piedmont’s regional delegate for the National Association of the Women of Wine. “Whoever chooses a bottle of Cascina Castlèt loves beautiful things, the good things in life, the things that dreams are made of.”

Moscato d’Asti 2006 Cascina Castlèt

20% discount available in store and at our online shop,

For further information call (212) 725-6516.


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