Il Falcone

For those of you who have shopped at Vino over the years, you know that we have always been fans of southern Italian wines and the wines of Puglia in particular (after all, owner Nicola Marzovilla and his family come from the town of Rutigliano in the province of Bari). We have always found that southern Italy offers some of Italy’s best values in terms of price and quality. The food-friendly style and the earthy flavors and aromas of these wines make them ideal for holiday feasting with family and friends.

The Rivera winery calls this extraordinary blend of Negroamaro and Uva di Troia “Il Falcone” or “the falcon” as a nod to the thirteenth-century enlightened Sicilian King Frederick II, who enjoyed hunting with his falcon in Puglia where the grapes for this wine are sourced today. This bold red wine pairs beautifully with grills and roast meats.

Il Falcone has been one of Vino’s top-selling wines and is one of Nicola’s top picks for the holiday season.


One Response to Il Falcone

  1. Daniel Carli says:

    I drank the Il Falconi in Italy on last year. Very, Very good!!

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