Featured Wines for Brunello Seminar

The only thing that impresses your boss more than a bottle of Brunello is when you can tell her/him why it’s better than the next bottle of Brunello.

There are just a few spots left in next week’s Brunello seminar, where Operations Manager Jim Hutchinson will be pouring and discussing 10 Brunellos, from modern “blockbuster” Brunello to more traditional, age-worthy Brunello. The flight will include a 1995 Mastroianni that Jim sourced personally when he traveled to Montalcino earlier this year. (For the entire flight please see below.)

Don’t miss this opportunity to taste 10 wines: to register or for more information, please send an email to register@vinosite.com.

Participants receive 10% off any purchase the night of the seminar and 10% off their bill at I Trulli across the street.

In recent years, Brunello di Montalcino has become one of Italy’s hottest and most talked-about appellations. Perhaps more than any other center for wine production in Italy, the township of Montalcino has changed radically (the first Brunello was produced in 1888). In the 1960s, there were literally a handful of producers of Brunello. Today, they number in the hundreds. The growth can be attributed in part to the attention the appellation has received from the American wine press. One journalist in particular (who will remain nameless) single-handedly anointed Brunello di Montalcino as one of America’s favorite Italian wines when he began giving superlative scores to certain producers. Brunello lore has grown also thanks to a string of excellent and historic vintages in the 1990s (1990, 1995, and the now legendary 1997) as well as fantastic harvests like the 2000 (hailed by some as a “perfect” vintage for Brunello and Toscana in general because of the warm summer) and the 2001, a vintage that many argue is superior to the 2000 because it was cooler and the fruit ripened more slowly.

Vino and Vinoteca’s Operations Manager Jim Hutchinson (MA, DWS) traveled to Montalcino in February where he visited vineyards, met with producers, and sourced a number of older Brunello.

Sign up now by emailing register@vinosite.com.

Participants will taste the following wines:*

*Wines subject to change depending on availability.


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