Super Tuscan Seminar, Piemonte On Sale

I Trulli and Vino Launch New Websites!

Please visit our new sites by clicking on the following links: I Trulli and Vino.

You can browse I Trulli’s wine list, check out Chef Patrick Nuti’s latest menus, read about featured wines, and learn about upcoming classes, tastings, and much, much more…

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Featured Wines for Super Tuscan Seminar (June 6)

There are a still a few spots left in tomorrow’s Barolo seminar, where Operations Manager Jim Hutchinson will be pouring many remarkable wines — most notably from the 1996 vintage. Sign up now by emailing

On June 6, Robert Scibelli D.W.S. (National Development Coordinator and Instructor, International Wine Center, New York) pours and discusses 10 Super Tuscans. The class is filling up quickly so please reserve now to ensure that you get a seat at the tasting.

Sign up now by emailing

In 1968 — nearly 40 years ago — Tenuta San Guido first released Sassicaia, a wine that is hailed by many as the first “Super Tuscan.” The wine’s name was inspired by the gravelly soil of Bolgheri along the Tuscan coast (from the Italian sassi or “stones”) and was a nod to the famous Bordeaux appellation Graves (meaning “gravel”), which also inspired the winemaking style. Historically, the euphemistic term Super Tuscan has been used to denote fine Tuscan wines that were classified as vino da tavola or “table wine” because they did not technically qualify for DOC or DOCG labeling. Today, Sassicaia is its own DOCG and the classification IGT or Indicazione Geografica Tipica (Characterstic Geographic Classification) is generally used to distinguish the Super Tuscans from table wines.

This extraordinary tasting includes the new vintage of San Clemente (created for Vino and I Trulli owner Nicola Marzovilla, a Super Tuscan aged in large oak barrels) and 2000 Sassicaia, as well as an unusual Syrah blend from Lazio.

Participants will taste the following wines:*

*Wines subject to change depending on availability.

* * *

<strong>This Week’s Tasting: Wines from Piemonte</strong>

This Friday (5:30-7:30) and Saturday (4:30-6:30) the Vino staff will be pouring 6 wines from Piemonte.

These wines will be 15% off in-store and 20% off online.

You can browse all of our current web offers by clicking here.

Friday and Saturday tastings at Vino are FREE.
To register for the free tastings, please send an email to

The Vino staff will be pouring the following wines.*

*Wines subject to change depending on availability.


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