First Rosato of Summer: Monks Make It Better

Slowly but surely, it’s heating up outside, and that means we’re filling our glasses with rosato. And just in time, our first rosato of the season has arrived:

Lagrein Rosato 2006 Muri Gries

The monks at Muri-Gries have got the formula down for a wine that’s festive both inside and out: take one of South Tyrol’s most prized grape varieties and, in an unusual move, vinify it on its own for a fresh, bright, deep-flavored, beautifully hued wine that just begs for barbecue and sunshine.

Also new:

Pecorino 2006 Cantina Frentana

New to our shelves, this unusual wine is made from the little-known Pecorino grape that is native to Abruzzo.

* * *

Don’t miss out on your last chance for steep discounts on our wines. We’ve got 33 — count ’em — bottles on sale for 20% off when you purchase online. You can find them all on the Web Offers page on our website or click any of the wines listed after the jump.

All wines listed with an asterisk (*) are featured in this week’s tasting on Friday (5:30-7:30) and Saturday (4:30-6:30). Sign up for the tasting at

A Capanno 2001 Tenuta del Portale
was $26, now $20.80

Aglianico Riserva 2000 Tenuta del Portale
was $23, now $18.40

Amarone (Le Ragose) 2001 Sant’Eugenio
was $60, now $48

Barbaresco Bricco Faset 2000 La Spinona
was $32, now $25.60

Barolo Vigna d’Milia 1998 L’Albina
was $28, now $22.40

Barolo Bussia 1999 Aldo Conterno
was $76, now $60.80

Barolo Villero 2001 G. Fenocchio
was $43, now $34.40

Cabernet Franc 2004 Antico Broilo
was $45, now $36

Cabernet Sauvignon Case Bianche 2003
was $15, now $12

*Calice del Conte 1998 Travignoli
was $28, now $22.40

*Cannonau Anzenas 2003 Dolianova
was $14, now $11.20

Capro Rosso 2003 Baldelli
was $28, now $22.40

*Cesanese 2005 Ioria
was $22, now $17.60

*Cjarandon 2002 Ronco dei Tassi
was $38, now $30.40

*Dolcetto d’Alba 2004 Monchiero
was $18, now $14.40

Dolcetto di Dogliani 2005 Cascina Corte
was $18, now $14.40

*Grato Grati 1988 Villa di Vetrice
was $41, now $32.80

Greco di Tufo Nova Serra 2005 Mastroberardino
was $23, now $18.40

Gutturnio 2004 La Stoppa
was $18, now $14.40

*I Quattro Mori 2001 Castel de Paolis
was $44, now $35.20

La Gazzella 2004 Ezio Voyat
was $35, now $28

Leone 1999 Carobbio
was $45, now $36

Leone 2000 Carobbio
was $43, now $34.40

*Montepulciano Le Coste 2002 Barone Cornacchia
was $18, now $14.40

Pian del Carro 2001 Tenuta del Portale
was $42, now $33.60

*San Clemente 2003 Travignoli
was $30, now $24

*Starsa Bianco 2005 Tenuta del Portale
was $15, now $12

Starsa Rosso 2003 Tenuta del Portale
was $14, now $11.20

Stoppa 2001 La Stoppa
was $37, now $29.60

Tegolaia 1999 Travignoli
was $34, now $27.20

Uvarara 2005 Frecciarossa
was $18, now $14.40

Vareij 2004 Hilberg
was $21, now $16.80

Vigna del Volta 2004 (500 ml) La Stoppa
was $40, now $32

* * *

Featured Class: Chianti in All Its Glory (May 9)

There are only a couple places left for tomorrow’s class, Italian Wine and Civilization. Reserve by sending an email to

Chianti in All Its Glory
with Wine Director Charles Sciclone
Wednesday, May 9

Reserve by sending an email to

The Chianti appellation is one of Italy’s oldest and predates the DOC system by some 250 years. The wine trade in Chianti was so important by the turn of the eighteenth-century that in 1716 Cosimo III de’ Medici (then Grand Duke of Toscana) issued an edict defining the zone that would later be known as Chianti Classico. In the bando printed in Firenze, the officially recognized appellation included the towns of Greve, Panzano, Radda, Gajole, and Castellina (the subzone known as Chianti Classico today). After the modern appellation system was created in the late 1960s, Chianti was expanded to include the Colli Fiorentini (the Florentine Hills), the Colli Senesi (the Sienese Hills), Rufina, and most recently Montespertoli (also in the province of Siena). For this extraordinary seminar, Vino’s Wine Director Charles Scicolone pours and discusses 10 Chiantis, covering nearly all of the appellation’s subzones and stretching back to wines made in the 1980s. Highlights will include the 1995 and 1997 Chianti Rufina from Villa di Vetrice and the 2001 Chianti Classico Riserva Rancia by Felsina.

Participants will experience Chianti as Charles often describes it: “Like tasting sunshine on the Tuscan pines.


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