New Flights at I Trulli

This week’s tastings feature new Fall flights at Enoteca I Trulli (flights consist of three tasting pours, organized by region, wine type, and/or theme).

This Thursday and Friday, 5:30-7:30 p.m.
121 East 27th St.
between Park and Lex.

Flight #1 Native South
The Native South flight features indigenous grape varieties of Southern Italy.

Inzolia 2005 ERA
(click here to order)

The ERA winery is 100% bio-dynamic. Its Inzolia is made exclusively from the eponymous grape, vinified in stainless steel.

Koine Verdeca 2005 Botter
(click here to order)

“Koine” was the Greek dialect spoken throughout the Mediterranean at the height of the ancient Hellenic empire, the lingua franca of Mediterranean trade and civilization. Here the name refers to the fact that in antiquity, Verdeca, known for its intense aromas and flavor, was grown throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Fiano d’Avellino 2005 Terredora
(click here to order)

Fiano is one of Italy’s oldest grape varities and was highly praised by Latin writers. The Roman soliders often remarked that the fruit was so rich that it was difficult to keep the bees away. Thus, the grape became known as apiano meaning “loved by bees,” from the Latin apis or “bee.” Over the centuries, the name was transformed from apiano to affiano and finally fiano (Avellino is the name of township outside Napoli where the grapes are grown for this appellation). Pliny marveled at the wine’s great aging ability.

Flight #1 Non-Native
The Non-Native flight features red international grapes grown in Italy.

Praepositus 2003 Abbazia di Novacella
(click here to order)

The famed Abbey of Novacella (Abbazia di Novacella) has been a European center of learning, sprituality, and culture since the twelfth century when it was founded as part of the Order of St. Augustine.

Where there are monks, there are books and there is wine. The high-altitudes and pebbly soil of Alto Adige are ideal for the production of richly flavored and intensely colored wines. The friars of Novacella have made wine for more than eight centuries and the presence of Pinot Nero (locally called Blauburgunder by these speakers of German and Italian) dates back to the mid-eigteenth century.

Merlot 2003 Planeta
(click here to order)

A ground-breaking wine from Planeta, this Merlot is blended with small amounts of Petit Verdot and spends twelve months in barrique before being released.

Pietraforte 1999 Carobbio
(click here to order)

Although the Carobbio estate is more famous for its modern-style Chianti, it also produces some of the region’s most coveted wines like this Pietraforte (named after the vineyard where the grapes are sourced). This wine is everything a classic Super Tuscan should be: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, bold and big in the mouth, with the classic vanilla and toasty flavors and aromas of barrique.


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